The risk to you as a patient of contracting Covid 19 while attending our practice for treatment can be divided into two parts: firstly transmission of the Coronavirus to you from the Osteopath or secondly contamination by the Coronavirus from another patient who has also attended the practice. 

The following measures should help reduce this risk:

​-Please postpone your appointment if you have any symptoms suggesting Covid 19, or are self isolating because you are a contact of someone who has tested positive for Covid 19.

-Please arrive only at your appointment time, do not arrive early. This is because we cannot allow patients to mix, we cannot have people waiting in the waiting room and we have to go through a cleaning and preparation routine between each appointment.

To prevent the osteopath passing coronavirus to a patient

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​How patients can help us

to prevent cross contamination between patients

-The Osteopath will not treat you if they have any symptoms of Covid 19 or have been exposed to anyone known or suspected of having the illness. We will undertake regular Lateral Flow Covid testing. We will strictly adhere to the quarantine guidelines.

-The Osteopath will wear disposable face mask and gloves. 

-The Osteopath will follow stringent hand hygiene protocols.

-The Osteopath will have been vaccinated. 

​-All patients will be triaged before attending and patients with suspicious symptoms or recent potential exposure to Coronavirus will be asked to postpone their appointment. 

-Appointments will be spread out so that only one patient will be in the practice at a time.

Patients will not be able to wait in the waiting room. 

-Patients will be required to use hand sanitizer (80% alcohol) on entering the practice and have their temperature checked.

-Patients will be required to wear a face mask while in the practice, we can provide a standard desposable FRSM type mask if required. 

-All surfaces a patient touches during treatment such as treatment table and pillows will be covered in disposable material and the Osteopath will wear gloves and surgical scrubs all of which can be changed between patients. The treatment table and other contact surfaces will be wiped down with disinfectant between patients.

-The treatment room will be continuously ventilated by extractor fan.

-All surfaces that patients may come into contact with whilst in the practice such as door handles, card machine, chairs, bathroom facilities etc. will be wiped down with disinfectant between patients.